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Friday, November 16, 2007

Final word in webforum solutions and better than Google Groups ?

Aren't you tired of using many different web-forums ? You're probably using different forum to talk about your car, music that you're listening to, movies, programming language, operating system, tv shows etc.

Even if you've found a forum that you're keen on, with a fine community. What if you've changed your car, favourite programming language, operating system etc ? could be the panacea for that. It is using tags in the very same way as is using tags for categorizing the links - at you're using tags to categorize the topic you want to talk about !

examples :

ubuntu forum

ubuntu sysadmins forum

ubuntu games forum

ubuntu arcade games forum

all of them can be quickly accessed just by changing the tags set.

Take a look :) it seems that the has just started, so not many entries and users there.