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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch.

I strongly suggest that you watch this movie. It tells about unsuccessful attempts of escaping from haunting thoughts - these attempts are shown as a symbolic scene with a "William Tell routine".

Somehow in similar situations there's a desire to repeat the next day like nothing have happened. But there's no escape. Again and again the true, or maybe exaggerated (I wish), opinion of what happened in the past, tracks you down and prevents from living with amnesia.

creates an ending that, in my humble opinion, is about it - Bill, the main character, tries to escape into Anexia with his wife and is forced to repeat the William Tell routine in order to satisfy the border guards. He has good intentions but finishes with failure...

and it is all I want to tell you about it ... It's truly a very good movie...

This page can be found very interesting for those who have also seen Tarkovsky's Solaris - it studies the similarities between Naked Lunch and Solaris.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there. Not sure what you mean by a 'symbolic' scene, since William S. Burroughs, who wrote the book, DID ACTUALLY shoot his wife in the head during a drunken game of William Tell. So, less symbolic, and more actual, literal.

9:12 PM  

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